Domestic Services

Warehouse Services

We provide high quality and smooth services such as receiving, shipping, storage, inventory control, etc. by using our Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

Value-added Services

We provide Value-added service based on customer's request such as Sticker Labeling, Repacking, Bundling, Plastic Wrapping, etc.

Export Packing Services

We provide Packing Service for Air / Sea / Truck for Export Shipment. Packing Style based on Product Sensitivity & Security Concerns.

Transportation Services

We provide a Transportation services for Import Parts, Domestics transfer, Finished goods export, and Delivery to Customer destinations. We utilize a cross-dock base and delivery network throughout the country to deliver goods to dealer located in Bangkok and also local area timely.

Transport Management - Cost-Speed-Quality Transportation Platform Design base on customer Requirement

Milk Run/ JIT                 - Consolidate Parts from Suppliers and Supply to Factory based on Production Plan

Domestic Distribution    - Dedicated/ Consolidated Distribution /Cross Docking

Home Delivery              - End user Delivery