Warehouse Services

We provide high quality and smooth services such as receiving, shipping, storage, inventory control, etc. by using our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

  1. Inbound
  • Capacity & Shipment Planning
  • Factory Parts, Finished Goods, Premium Goods Receiving
  • Scanning Barcode Receiving/Physical Check/Weight check
  1. Inventory Management
  • Cycle Count/Full Stock Take
  • Movement Traceability (WMS)
  • Inventory Report/ Aging Report/ Slow move Report
  1. Outbound
  • Delivery and Load Capacity Planning
  • Individual carton, Master Carton, Batch Scanning
  • Co-Plan with Transportation team for cut-off align with Delivery Schedule
  1. Export Packing
  • Provide the Packing Service for Air, Sea and Truck Export Shipment
  • Packing Style is based on Product Sensitivity & Security Concerns
  • Packing Style is considered by Logistics Engineering team